What is Nuubz? Nothing. Right now. What this particular site may one day be is a web comic, but right now, it's just a placeholder.

So why bother with a site at all? Because. I'm currently in the process of developing a PHP web site package that can be, theoretically, used by anyone to host their own web comic. But right now, there's nothing to see or play with or even demonstrate.

Right now.

I'm doing something a little different from most development projects; I'm hosting it right on a live web sever publicly accessible to anyone and everyone. The end product, the software, may or may not be free in the end, but you'll be able to watch it take shape on the development site at

Why am I developing this software? Well, 5 out of 7 web comics that I personally read are using WordPress and either a single plugin/theme or a combination of them to put their comics up. WordPress is very powerful and flexible, but it's a resource hog, frequently vulnerable to hacks, and always a target for hackers. It can do the trick, mind you, but it's like taking a radio controlled car to a Mercedes Benz dealership for repairs; they might be able to fix it, but that doesn't mean they're the best option. Something specialized might be better. Thus, this project of mine.

Currently, I'm developing on PHP 7, PostgreSQL 9.5, HTML5, and Apache, though I'm trying to leave the design as open as possible to allow use of MySQL/MariaDB for those who prefer it.

So feel free to take a peek, and poke at it from time to time; if you have a question, comment, or feedback you can drop me a line via the contact form.

- Raymond January 13, 2016

P.S. If you want to make a donation to help me out (I'm currently unemployed), you can either ask about that on the contact form or drop some bitcoin to 17PWCLiF8Qfpcn5S975RMize69RAtBtQjQ.